Smoke and Effect Machines

Smoke Machines/Hazers

Electrically operated, these machines will¬†produce a diffuse cloud of artificial smoke that will fill the venue space – ideal for concerts or band performances to provide atmosphere and allows lighting beams and effects such as laser’s to become visible. Different smoke generating solutions are available – contact our hire shop for the best way to generate the effect you are looking for.

Fog Machines (low laying fog)

Hire one of our electrically operated fog machines. These units refrigerate the air and inject artificial smoke thus producing a low level floor hugging cloud effect. These have the advantage over dry ice of not leaving the stage floor area damp and slippery. As with our smoke machines, the fog solution can be selected to tailor the effect to your requirements – contact our hire shop for further details.

Dry Ice Machines (low laying fog)

The classic method of fog production are still available from our hire shop. These machines contain a heated water tank. Place the dry ice into the tray above the water and when the effect is required move the leaver which then quenches the dry ice into the hot water.  Produces a low level floor hugging cloud. Dry ice not included.

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