14 Jul 2016
It is vital in the planning process to ensure that specialist systems are integrated effectively with the building and its structure and service elements. STAGECRAFT will sit down with the engineering and building design consultants to assist with their understanding of the systems and how best to integrate them.
14 Jul 2016
System design for rigging, audio and lighting. Component workshop drawings for custom fabricated items are completed in-house. Schematic plans and images of proposed components and integration strategies are provided.
14 Jul 2016
Typically, comprehensive installation projects will require both off the shelf and custom designed and manufactured theatre equipment components. At our purpose built facility the metal workshop produces stock and bespoke fabricated items, and the electronics workshop assembles and tests a range of components for the project.
14 Jul 2016

Firstly Stagecraft coordinates with contractor/client, to establish the schedule and work flow. The following stages are: 

  • Supervise the provision of attachment points and in-wall wiring.
  • Principal installation of systems attached to the building
  • Fit-off and commissioning and, at the conclusion of the project,
  • Training for the end users.
14 Jul 2016
To help protect your investment Stagecraft offers programmed maintenance packages that ensures the ongoing the effectiveness and safety of the equipment.
This Service is also available for existing installations.
14 Jul 2016
portable flat pack stage
Rostrum singular Rostra plural: Basic portable flat-pack stage units.
Standard sizes: 1200 x 1800
Tops: 300, 600 or 900 high.
Can also be supplied in custom sizes and shapes.
13 Sep 2016
Stagecraft builds both Helical groove drum and capstan drive curtain motors catering for all entertainment and commercial applications.